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    From recent discoveries to new discoveries from older collections, some of the highlights of newly available spectacular natural mineral specimens, crystals, geodes, and more! Each museum-quality mineral specimen is an aesthetic wonder of the natural world. Created by Earth's natural geological processes over millions of years, and carefully rescued from often invasive industrial processes, these new arrivals are a place of contemplation and inspiration in your home. waiting for you!

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    Power Stone Minerals has operated a year-round gallery in Hong Kong since 1998. We discover and share the amazing natural minerals the earth produces. Sell fine mineral specimens for your collection, home or office, bringing a natural sense of peace and clarity to your space. Please contact us directly at anna121209@yahoo.com.hk.

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    Power Stone Minerals Company was founded in 1998 by the current directors. The company's main purpose is to promote gemstones, related minerals and geological specimens. Power Stone Minerals has a showroom and warehouse in Hong Kong and is open 24/7.

    our vision
    Power Stone Minerals always strives to provide the best to our esteemed customers. Our professional experts never compromise on product quality. This is the main reason why Power Stone Minerals has earned a reputation in the short term supply of gemstones and related minerals. Today, Power Stone Minerals is constantly innovating and implementing new ideas to serve the next generation of customers.

    "Discover a unique collection of gemstones and related minerals and experience a whole new world of natural beauty."

    If your company is interested in doing business with us, please contact us today.

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Power Stone Minerals

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    Pure natural, beautiful and high purification performance

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    Wholesale Price, Healing Natural Mineral Specimens

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    Finest natural stones and fine craftsmanship: art that fuses the two

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    Tibetan Buddhism Supplies, Tantric Buddhism Tools, Nine-faced Vajra Pestle, Tibetan Pestle

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