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Seven colors Fluorite hand chisel

Seven colors Fluorite hand chisel

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Seven-color fluorite handkerchief, birthday gift, lover's gift, birthday gift, mother's gift, work gift

Size: 9~12mm

Hotaruishi effect:
Hotaruishi Tandei Meishinrin (Third eye zone between two eyebrows). ...
Hotaruishi Yusuke demagnetizes the body's energy field, removes dust, and cleans and balances the circulation veins.
You can avoid unnecessary noise. ...
When you are emotionally depleted, there will be a single fluorite stone on the second wheel (umbilical ring) or the third wheel (sun wheel), which will help you with the spirit of support and recovery.
When you meditate, you hold a handful of stones, you have a stable spirit, and you have a spirit of cooperation.

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