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High quality Moroccan, natural permeable gypsum ball

High quality Moroccan, natural permeable gypsum ball

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High quality Moroccan, natural permeable gypsum ball

Size: ~67.6mm
Net Weight: ~392g

1. Permeable plaster can quickly clear your body's energy blockages and promote efficient circulation of healthy energy in your body.
2. Through the plaster you can remove the negative energy in your aura and bring calm energy, clear thinking and complete energy peace.It will immediately clear our suppressed negative emotions. Allowing us to float to a level of consciousness that then definitively resists the attack of negative emotions and energizes our energy.
3. Using it during meditation can help us enter deep stillness. It is a great healing stone. It is also suitable to be placed around a meditation mat during meditation to enhance the energy state of the entire spatial area.
4. Transparency can enlighten your observation and analysis skills and make your mind clearer. It is most suitable for people who are often hesitant, swayed by other people's opinions, and are unable to make decisions.In the ancient Maya cultural tradition, when hesitating and encountering difficult that the answer can be found by holding the plaster lightly in the
5. Guard and provide a shield to your personal energy field. Since one of the healing functions of permeable plaster is to summon angelic guardians, permeable plaster helps resist external influences.
6. Gypsum sticks are gifts for purification and demagnetization. One of the characteristics of permeable gypsum is to amplify the energy of surrounding crystalline gemstones, which has a purifying and demagnetizing effect. After the crystal fitting is used, it must be demagnetized to avoid negative energy build-up. After wearing the crystal every day, put it on a plaster stick and the crystal can be purified in 6 hours. When you wake up the next morning, the crystals are filled with positive energy again.
7. Through the cast, it can transmit the pure white light energy of the universe and bring purified white light to our body. Therefore, it can be used to replenish the body's energy and help cells regenerate.
8. By means of high-frequency vibrational energy, it transmits messages, thereby enhancing our spiritual awareness, leading spirits, guardian spirits and our communion with the angels.
9. Through transformation through light, humans can use light and energy from spirituality. Through the top chakras, an infinite supply of spiritual, material light and energy is absorbed and used throughout the body.

Clear Plaster Cleansing - Enlightenment Method
1. All you have to do is hold the translucent plaster in one hand and comb from the top of your head to your feet until you feel the energy circulate. This helps get through energy blockages, clearing your chakras and allowing your positive energy to flow throughout your body.
2. When you are meditating, put a transparent plaster on your body, close your eyes, relax your body and mind, organize chaotic thoughts, and see the effects of meditation.
3. During meditation, hold the transparent plaster or use the oval transparent plaster, lying in the seven-wheel position of the human body, about 15-30 minutes will help you enter the meditation faster. .

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