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Black Gemstone

Black Gemstone

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Black Gemstone

Black blue stone, evil disaster, clarified space, removal capacity and filth

JPY 4,900/KG


1. Black tourmaline can be used to remove disease, and black tourmaline can be released on both sides of the floor,
Being in bed or being in public office
Possibly Black Electric Stone

2. Unfavorable places where the magnetic field is unfavorable (medical clinics, cemeteries, etc.)
Invasion of low-spirited spirits

3. Youthful Evil Dreamer, Potentially Black Electric Stone Emission Floor, Fusamon, and Room

4. Back side of the central gate of the electric stone release house

5. A comparatively large ore-laden television or television near a television or a television set, a toxic magnetic field

Physically: circulatory system, circulatory system, accelerated blood circulation, treatment of lower three wheels and lower extremities, the most effective treatment is typhoid, arthritis. Stronger personal magnetic field, higher fortunes, weaker women, elderly family health, the best help!

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